UV Clean

Our Mission at UV Clean is to supply our customers with a safer, cleaner space through the use of Far-UVC technology.

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The Products

UV Wand

Size: Small & Medium
Colors: White & Black

-Lightweight & portable
-Press & scan to clean surfaces
-Cleans all surfaces in 10-15 seconds
-Built in battery
-Charge time of 2-3 hours
-Lifetime warranty

Sterilization Box

Size: Small & Large
Colors: Gray & White

-Sterilizes everyday objects in approximately 11 minutes
-Self-adjusting timer
-Locking mechanism for added security
-Does not emit harmful UV

Air Purifier

Size: Small, Medium, and Large
Colors: White & Gray

-Can purify almost any space, including cars and large rooms
-Dual air intake & two filters
-HEPA filter for dust
-UV-C filter for viruses
-110v common household voltage
-Night-time mode to preserve energy
-Lifetime warranty